About the blog

Hi! I’m Lindsay (she/her/hers). I have envisioned momchievement unlocked as a way to share my journey of motherhood with the world, and give all mothers and woman-identified caregivers the space to celebrate all of the momchievements in their lives, big and small. We all need something to celebrate, right?

What this space is

This is a space to tell stories. Happy. Sad. Funny. Infuriating. They are all important.

This is a space to cherish the positive moments of motherhood. This is also a space to explore the tough parts and see what we can learn from them after we had done the hard work of overcoming them. Motherhood is difficult. It is difficult every. single. day. But it is beautiful and rewarding.

This space is inclusive and social justice oriented. It is anti-racist, feminist, and body positive. All are welcome. I will share my own perspective, but I will also do my best to share perspectives from people from all walks of life. I aim for inclusivity of all identities and do not condone or tolerate bigotry.

This is a space to educate and inform. There is a lot I can learn from other mothers, and a lot that mothers can learn from me.

What this space is not

This is a not a space to condemn or judge mothers, or those who have different life experiences.